Guidelines, handbooks and training curricula for professional volunteering

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ProVol Digital 

Digitalisation in volunteer work

IO 1 includes a general training for organisations and associations covering the basics of digital work. The partners present a toolbox containing 80 useful digital tools. Related reports, policy papers and guidelines show why change is necessary and what the opportunities of digitalisation are.

Research Report "Digitalization in volunteering: trends – practical examples – effects"

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Policy Paper and recommendations: "Values, attitudes and working principles in the digital world: How can "analog" values, attitudes, and working principles be found in digital volunteer management?

In English   In German   In Czech    In Romanian

Toolbox "Good digital tools" 

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Report "Pedagogical methods of digital work"

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Guideline "Possibilities and limitations of adapting offline activities to digital sphere: Practical tips for the transformation process" plus translation

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Digital volunteer management

Through the project “ProVol Digital- Professional volunteer management and training through digitalisation” we are offering this recommendation guide for NGOs and volunteer coordinators to stay up to date. The aim of this guide is to equip NGOs and volunteer coordinators with digital expertise and to adapt their skills in dealing with technology to the current standards. Through this tool we want to inspire and empower other organisations to enter the digital sphere as well.

Guidline  "Recommendations on digital volunteer management"

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Digital volunteering

A lot of people would be interested in volunteering, but are not as flexible or mobile to participate in the common volunteer “offline” face-to-face opportunities (e.g. because of working hours, being immobile, living on the country side …). Virtual volunteering opportunities can empower them to volunteer regardless of these limitations.

Handbook for volunteer coordinators

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Booklet for volunteers

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Online training for volunteer coordinators

As part of ProVol Digital, we digitised our existing training. ProVol is now available as a 10-module online training! 

  1. Module: Introductionon to Volunteering Module
  2. Module: Aims and Objectives, Roles
  3. Module: Project and Time Management
  4. Module: Communication Module
  5. Module: People Management
  6. Module: Public Relations
  7. Module: Event Management
  8. Module: Networking
  9. Module: Legal Issues
  10. Module: Finances and Fundraising

In the next months, you will find more information about upcoming trainings on this website.

ProVol Franchise System

Content will be updated

IMProVe 2.0


Acquisition, training and support of voluntary “Inclusion Buddies”

Inclusion buddies are volunteers who accompany people with disabilities  in their volunteering well and safely, that people with disabilities feel taken care of, recognized and valued because they can make a meaningful contribution to society. For the acquisition, training and support of the inclusion buddies, several materials are available:


In English   In Czech   In German   In Italian   In Lithuanian


Promotion of inclusive volunteering in volunteers involving organisations
Promotion tools, trainings and support structure for disability facilities, caretakers and parents of people with disabilities
Promotion tools, training and support structure for enhancing volunteering of people with disabilities

IMProVe 1.0


E-Book "Volunteer organizations' input on community education"

Our E-Book with an input about community education, practical tips on implementation of community education in local communities, the role and success factors of volunteer/neighbourhood/intercultural
centers as important providers of community education as well as a good practice collection of learning and training programs offered by the involved partners.

The E-Book is available in English, in Romanian, and in German. 


Collection of good practices

Or collection of good practices presents 12 inspiring commuity projects in Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Austria. 

The collection of good practices is available in English


E-Book "Inclusive Volunteering"

Our E-Book “Inclusive Volunteering” includes input on inclusive volunteering, the learning results of
the project partners on how to engage people with disabilities in the community, and recommendations on how to implement inclusive volunteering. 

The E-Book is available in English. 


Photobook "Volunteering is for everyone"

In our photobook, you will find good practices of volunteers with disabilities and their work. It can be used for promotion of inclusive volunteering.


In English   In Czech   In German    In Portuguese

Pro Vol & ProVol Crossborder 


In this section you will find the ProVol curricula which were developed in our first international partnershops “ProVol” and “ProVol Crossborder”. There are several versions: 

    • Training curriculum for volunteer coordinators 
    • Training curriculum for volunteers 
    • Training curriculum in easy language 

The training consists of 10 modules:

    1. Module: Introductionon to Volunteering Module
    2. Module: Aims and Objectives, Roles
    3. Module: Project and Time Management
    4. Module: Communication Module
    5. Module: People Management
    6. Module: Public Relations
    7. Module: Event Management
    8. Module: Networking
    9. Module: Finances, Fundraising and Taxation
    10. Module: Legal Issues

In 2023, the training content was updated and digitised as part of the “ProVol Digital” project. You can find out more about the updated training version here.