Professional volunteering in Europe 

In the various projects Gemeinsam Leben und Lernen in Europa has coooperated with many partners from European countries. Below you will find more information about the partners.

Leopoldstraße 9
D- 94032 Passau
Phone: +49-851-2132740

Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa e.V. (Passau, Germany)

GLL is a grassroots organization based in Eastern Bavaria, Germany, focusing on European issues and interventions that benefit citizens locally, nationally, and continent-wide. Their projects combat discrimination, promote equal opportunities in education and work, raise public awareness for social and cultural issues, and encourage social commitment. Their projects target socially disadvantaged groups and aim to integrate them into society, earning them recognition and awards for their efforts. Find out more about the organization here.

As an expert in the field of volunteer work, GLL has coordinated various Erasmus+ projects that are presented on this website.

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Prokopa Diviše 1605/5,
400 01 Ústí nad Labem,
Czech Republic
 +420 606 512 905

Dobrovolnické centrum (Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic)

Involved in the following projects: ProVol, ProVol Crossborder, ProVol Digital, IMProVE 1.0, Coordinator of: IMProVE 2.0

The Volunteer Center in Ústí nad Labem was established in 1999. The aim is to support, develop and professionalize volunteering. For more than 20 years of operation in the Ústí nad Labem Region, the Volunteer Center flexibly responds to the current needs of the community and connects 2 “worlds” – the first group are volunteers who give their time, experience and competencies; and the second group is the world of the needy who need the help of volunteers.

The center focuses on training and involving volunteers in various sectors, such as hospitals, children and youth support, culture, and sports. They are also committed to sustainable development goals and have completed the reconstruction of the ENTER22 Club, which serves as a hub for volunteers, young people, and the community in Ústí nad Labem. The center’s activities extend beyond the region, including cross-border volunteering in Germany and sending Czech volunteers abroad. Volunteering is a central focus for all groups within the community, including people with mental disabilities, seniors, disabled individuals, and families.

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Strada Virgil Fulicea
Nr 1, cod 400022
+40 264 431 411

Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Involved in the following projects: VOICE, ProVol, ProVol Digital

The Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre (CVCN) is an independent organization established in December 2004. Their mission is to develop voluntarism and engage citizens in addressing community issues. Their vision is a solidary Cluj where everyone contributes their time, skills, and energy for a better community. CVCN aims to increase volunteer participation, community involvement, innovation in volunteerism, and awareness of its benefits. They provide services such as volunteer training, recruitment, consultancy for organizations, and developing volunteering programs to promote community engagement.

CVCN has been an active resource centre for the volunteering movement in Cluj-Napoca, becoming a constant provider of quality volunteering programs for the community. Throughout its 16 years of activity the organization has managed to implement a large diversity of volunteering programs a0nd to offer support into raising standards in volunteer management in other local NGOs in Cluj-Napoca and the entire country.

Tiroler Str. 6/2
9500 Villach, Österreich
+43 676 317 61 01

EB projektmanagement GmbH (Villach, Austria)

Invovled in the following projects: ProVol Crossborder, ProVol Digital 

EB projektmanagement GmbH is a consulting and educational organisation with more than15 years of experience in the development and implementation of European projects. EB pm specialises in developing and implementing projects of education and regional development, as well as projects for the development of networks and cooperation. 

They offer various business branches, including project management, facilitation, regionalized course development, and preparation of studies. Their expertise also lies in training curricula development, idea and innovation management. They see their company as a place for development, implementation, and dissemination, providing both developmental work and its realization.

Additionally, they specialize in advanced training, focusing on communication skills in areas where they have practical experience. This includes trainings in project management, process management, funding, cooperation and network management, human resource development, employer branding, gender mainstreaming, equality, and diversity management.


Via Emiro Giafar n°36 Palermo 90124, Sicilia – Italia
(+39) 0919765893


Involved in the following projects: IMProVE 2.0 

Uniamoci Onlus is a non-profit organization that focuses on the integration and social assistance of young and adult people with disabilities, aiming for their full inclusion in society. Since its establishment in 2008, they have empowered individuals with disabilities, promoted international cooperation for social inclusion, encouraged European mobility, and raised social awareness about inclusion and active citizenship.

Their headquarters, located in a property confiscated from the mafia, serves as a space for administrative and educational activities. Uniamoci Onlus provides daily educational and socialization activities for adult people with disabilities, engages in street sweeping activities with inclusive groups, hosts transnational activities, manages a web radio and an online magazine, and organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences to promote inclusion. They have formed partnerships with various institutions at local, national, and European levels to carry out their social initiatives.

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Kranto g. 18, 
LT-35173, Panevėžys
(+370) 45 582 598


JAUNUOLIU DIENOS CENTRAS (Panevėžys, Lithuania) 

Involved in the following projects: IMProVE 2.0

Jaunuoliu dienos centras (JDC) is a social service institution established in 1996 by Panevezys Town Council in Lithuania. They provide daily activities and social care for disabled young people with physical and intellectual impairments over 18 years old. Their mission is to integrate disabled individuals into society while honoring their uniqueness. JDC emphasizes community links and organizes special events such as theatre festivals and sports competitions. They continually seek development opportunities, adopt good practices from other countries, and collaborate with organizations both domestically and internationally. The institution currently serves 70 users with various disabilities and has a staff of 43 people dedicated to supporting their educational, vocational, and living needs.

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Rua 7 de Junho nº57,
2730-174 Barcarena – Portugal
(+351) 214239680

CERCIOEIRAS (Barcarena, Portugal)

Involved in the following projects: IMProVE 1.0

CERCIOEIRAS  (Cooperative Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens with Disabilities) is a Cooperative Social Solidarity and Public Utility organization dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of citizens with disabilities. Their vision is to be an organization of excellence and a reference in constructing an inclusive society.

Their area of expertise is to provide intervention and support to people with intellectual disabilities, promoting social inclusion, quality of life, adapting the context in the domains of their lives. They specialize in early childhood intervention, specialized education, occupational activities, residential support, inclusive resources, equipment and technical aids, and curricular enrichment projects for individuals with disabilities.

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atempo Betriebsgesellschaft gmbH
Heinrichstraße 145
8010 Graz
(+43) 316 81 47 16 0



ATEMPO (Granz, Austria) 

Involvet in the following projects: IMProVE 1.0

Atempo is a non-profit association founded in 2000, independent from parties and the church, with the goal of achieving equal treatment for all members of the community. It has grown into a group of four interconnected organizations, employing 80 individuals, with 25 percent of the workforce consisting of people with disabilities. Atempo is a leading social corporation in Austria and offers specialized training in the use of iPads and tablets in school and adult inclusive education. They also provide vocational training and career support for people with disabilities, produce accessible information products, and have developed the “Nueva” model for evaluating service quality from the perspective of service users. Atempo actively collaborates with similar organizations and initiatives across Europe to promote the inclusion and equal participation of individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities.

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Kaznějovská 1517/51, 323 00 Plzeň
(+420) 377 260 425



Mezigenerační a dobrovolnické centrum TOTEM, z.s. (Plzeň, Czech Republic)

Involved in the following projects: VOICE

Intergenerational and Volunteer Center Totem, z.s is a non-governmental organization founded in Pilsen in 1999 and working in the social sphere. The mission of the organization is to create positive and functional interpersonal relationships within the family and also within the wider context of civic society. Totem provides social-stimulation services, stimulation programs and others, particularly voluntary projects that aim to our long-term goals.

Long-term goals and lines of activity are:

  • Promotion and dissemination of the idea of voluntary assistance and development of voluntary work, Providing social-stimulation and educational activities for seniors in order to keep their mental and physical health and postpone the time when they are fully dependent on the help of others,
  • Prevention to address threat to child and youth development, help children and youth to deal with difficult situations in their lives and mitigate the impact of these situations on a child’s life,
  • Intergenerational projects to create healthy and natural environment for social coexistence of all generations.

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Stadtlabor Graz
Griesgasse 40, 8020 Graz
(+43) 316 22 89 46


StadtLABORGraz Innovationen für urbane Lebensqualität (Graz, Austria) 

Involved in the following projects: VOICE

StadtLABOR Graz is a non-profit research platform focused on sustainable urban development. Their goal is to raise the quality of life in cities / city district by fostering urban innovations at different levels of society. StadtLABOR strongly cooperates with the whole range of urban actors. All activities are strongly led by the core principles of open innovation and living labs.As a member of the European Network of Living Labs, they actively engage in national and European networks. The Office of Neighbourhoods (Büro der Nachbarschaften BdN) under StadtLABOR Graz serves as a community hub, promoting communication, participation, and the quality of life in the district. Their objectives include addressing conflicts, identifying opportunities, and supporting various target groups.

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Puistokatu 14-16, 3. krs
70110 Kuopio
puh. 050 554 8877



Kuopio Settlement Puijola ry (Intercultural Center of Kuopio, Finland) 

Invovled in the following projects: VOICE

Kuopio Settlement Puijola (KSP) is a local NGO in Kuopio, Finland, dedicated to improving the social well-being of the community. Established in 1995, KSP operates community houses, supports youth work, and assists vulnerable individuals in finding employment. They have been leading multicultural activities since 1999, offering integration support and active membership opportunities at their multicultural center, Kompassi. Kompassi focuses on language learning, peer support, and empowering individuals to move forward in life. KSP works with immigrants, multicultural couples, and those interested in multiculturalism. 

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1431, Budapest, Postafiók 195.





Marom Klub Egyesület (Budapest, Hungary) 

Involved in the following projects: VOICE

MAROM was founded in 2002 with the mission to revive and reinterpret Jewish culture and traditions. Promoting democratic values and active civil participation in social issues, fighting racism and anti-Semitism, and celebrating multiculturalism was part of our mission since the beginnings. In the past 15 years MAROM members created and participated in various social, educational, art and civil programs in Hungary and across Europe. Between 2006-2012 MAROM co-directed Sirály, an independent community and cultural center in the historic Jewish quarter of Budapest. In 2013 it opened its own community place, called Auróra, a self-sustaining collective, in the disenfranchised 8th district of Budapest. MAROM is run by a small core team, and a larger group of volunteers (ca. 150 volunteers a year) Through its various programs (local festivals, discussions, movie screenings, etc.) MAROM reaches ca. 12 000 people yearly. MAROM is also part of international networks, such as MAROM Europe.

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Centrum dobrovoľníctva
Komenského 21, 97401 Banská Bystrica
(+421) 0902 138 946



Centrum dobrovoľníctva (Slovakia)

Involved in the following projects: ProVol Crossborder

The Volunteer Center, founded in 2000 in Banska Bystrica City, Slovakia, aims to increase human potential and improve the quality of life through volunteering. They actively participate in the community, collaborating with universities, municipalities, schools, NGOs, and businesses. The center holds a quality standard mark for volunteer management. Their goals include motivating people for volunteering, raising awareness and interest, improving the perception of volunteering, and enhancing volunteer management. They offer services for volunteering, promote volunteering, provide training and supervision, conduct research, and implement various volunteer programs and projects across different demographics and areas of interest.

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