About the project

Digitalisation has recently developed rapidly, partly due to the pandemic. In order to support NGOs and the volunteer coordinators in staying up to date, the project „ProVol Digital“ was launched. More and more activities will take place online in the future. Offline activities must be adapted to be organised online and that means people in NGOs must be prepared and trained to keep up with the latest technology and progress in digitalisation.

Therefore, ProVol Digital aims to explain digitalisation for associations and organisations in an easy and understandable way. Through several handbooks and workshops, the project aims to make more digital volunteering possible and, at the same time, to help existing volunteering opportunities to be managed better  through digital tools. This project is created to inspire and empower other organisations to enter the digital sphere as well. And subsequently, more services, help and support from NGOs will be available online.





Despre parteneriat

ProVol Digital este un parteneriat european între Germania, Austria, România și Republica Cehă. Acest parteneriat, coordonat de ONG-ul german Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa e.V., își propune să dezvolte un model european accesibil, flexibil și durabil pentru formarea coordonatorilor de voluntari și a voluntarilor, în vederea îmbunătățirii eficienței activităților de voluntariat și a calității serviciilor oferite. Este finanțat prin programul UE Erasmus +.

Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa e.V. 

Leopoldstraße 9
D- 94032 Passau

Dobrovolnické centrum

Prokopa Diviše 1605/5
400 01 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic
+420 606 512 905

Centrul de Volontariat

Strada Virgil Fulicea
Nr 1, cod 400022
+40 264 431 411

EB Projektmanagement GmbH

Tiroler Str. 6/2
9500 Villach, Österreich
+43 676 317 61 01