If you are interrested in the ProVol training contact partners on national level.

Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa

Perdita Wingerter

Leopoldstraße 9
D- 94032 Passau
Phone: +49-851-2132740

Volunteering Matters

Adresse: 18-24 Lower Clapton Rd,
London E5 0PD, UK
Telefon: +44 20 3780 5870

Centrul de Volontariat Cluj-Napoca

Tel. 0264 431 411
fax: 0264 412 897

e-mail: cluj[@]voluntariat.ro

Strada Virgil Fulicea

Nr 1, cod 400022

Dobrovolnické centrum

Adresse: Prokopa Diviše 1605/5,
400 01 Ústí nad Labem,
Tschechische Republik
Telefon: +420 606 512 905

EB projektmanagement GmbH

Adresse: Tiroler Str. 6/2
9500 Villach, Österreich
Telefon: +43 4242 225950

Centrum dobrovoľníctva

Adresse: Ružová 4038/13
974 11 Banská Bystrica, Slowakia
Telefon: +421 907 130 817

More information about the involved partner organisations

Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa (Living and learning within Europe, short GLL) 

is a grassroots, volunteer-led, civil society organisation based in Eastern Bavaria/Germany working on European level issues and interventions that benefit citizens locally, nationally and across the continent.

Through their activities and projects, GLL promotes volunteering, equal opportunities in education and work for everyone, combats discrimination and inequality based on gender, racial or ethnic origin, disability, age or other social factors. Raising public awareness for social and cultural issues and encouraging social commitment is the major focus of their projects.

Their main target groups are socially disadvantaged people such as elder people, less-qualified workers, unemployed, migrants, as well as immigrants, women, families, disabled people or people with health restrictions, because they are particularly affected by discrimination and inequality. GLLs goal is to promote their integration into society by means of the activities and measures of their association and active involvement of the various target groups.

As an expert in the field of volunteer work, GLL provides some innovative measures for promoting and supporting volunteer work within the community. GLL runs an online platform on volunteer workplaces, provides training as well as advice and support services for volunteers. Moreover, GLL supports other NGOs recruiting new volunteers, organises an annual volunteer fair or information sessions on volunteering, and initiated a lot of volunteer projects, where a lot of people with various backgrounds (age, gender, race, religion, education, profession) become active on local level. Volunteers run and implement most of our projects; a lot of them are unemployed or disadvantaged in some ways.

Local projects are linked on European level (e.g. through Grundtvig learning partnerships and Erasmus+), as the promotion of intercultural learning and understanding within Europe plus the exchange of best practices and face-to-face cooperation with European partners is a core issue within GLL.

For its efforts in the field of integration of migrants, promoting the European ideas and volunteering GLL had won many awards such as the “European Citizen’s Prize” of the European Parliament (2015), the award “Europa-Lillie” by the Europa Union Professional (2014); the “Active Citizens of Europa Award” by Volonteurope (2014). 

Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters, formerly known as CSV, is a national charity leading UK volunteering in policy and practice. We know that people are experiencing social isolation and huge inequalities in their communities. We also know that by investing in people through volunteering we can reduce inequalities and isolation to build stronger more inclusive communities.

By focussing on four areas of work; disabled people, older people, young people and families we inspire our committed and ambitious volunteers to power change in their communities. We do this by delivering targeted, innovative and professional programmes nationwide.

Our vision is of a society where everyone can participate to build strong and inclusive communities. Our mission is to enable people to take an active role in their communities.

Centrul de Volontariat Cluj-Napoca

The Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre (CVCN) was legally founded, as an independent organization, in December 2004. Before this date, CVCN was functioning as a department within the ProVobis National Volunteer Centre. Through its official formation, CVCN continues and enhances, extends and innovates the activity of the ProVobis Local Programs Department. Therefore, the history of our organization is longer than the time passed from its legal inception, being based on the experience that the employees and volunteers of CNVC hold in the field of volunteerism. CVCN has as mission the development of volunteering as a means of involvement in solving out the problems of the local community.Since the date of legal establishment in 2004,the different services provided to the local community involve:recruiting and recommending volunteers for other NGOs,training and supervising volunteer managers,offering a set of instruments useful in working with volunteers,informing volunteers about volunteering opportunities in Cluj-Napoca,organizing volunteering campaigns and promotion events,organizing training sessions for the development of volunteers,etc.

Since 2010, CVCN has started to be involved also in EVS projects.Up to this point we have hosted 60 volunteers in different projects in Cluj (mainly long-term) and we have sent 62 young romanians in projects abroad.

In addition to all the expertise and experience in volunteer management and the management of volunteering programs, our organization is using and promoting an efficient model of volunteer management, which will be shared also during the project. From this theoretical point of view,volunteer management is seen as a process based on 9 different steps (interlinked and interdependant):preparation of the organization before involving volunteers, recruitment of volunteers, selection of volunteers, induction and training, supervision, motivation of volunteers, recognition of merits, ensuring a good relationship between staff members and volunteers, evaluation of volunteers of of volunteering programs. 

The expertise and experience gained in volunteer management as well as management of volunteering projects was recognised at national level by different actors. The most important recognitions include the award for Volunteer Centre of the Year  received in the last three editions of the National Volunteers’ Gala (2011-2013) as well as the Excelency award in EVS projects offered to CVCN by the Romanian National Agency in march 2014.

Dobrovolnické centrum

The mission of our organisation is to promote and support the idea of volunteering, and to encourage citizens to participate in volunteer activities. The Volunteer Centre o.s. has worked in the region of Ústí nad Labem since 1999. We realize many volunteer programmes and projects, which are designed for specific target groups.

We organize recruiting training and further education of volunteers. We give lectures on volunteering and implement our own volunteer programmes involving volunteers into services provided directly to clients who are in need of care, e.g. children and young people, senior citizens, unemployed people etc. To fulfill our mission, we co-operate with the Municipal Council of Ústí nad Labem, state institutions, organisations providing services, and other NGOs.

We realize many volunteer programmes and projects, which are designed for specific target groups:

Social-activating services for disable/disadvantage families with children are composed of 3 pillars: the Programme 5P, Programme KOMPAS and Field Social Work.

  • Programme 5P (Big Brothers Big Sisters International): preventive social leisure time programme, one disadvantaged child and one adult volunteer meet regularly once a week and spend their time together by activities they both like, rather long-term relationship
  • Programme KOMPAS®: preventive social leisure time programme, six disadvantaged children and two adult volunteers meet regularly once a week and spend their time together by activities they like, one group for six months
  • Field Social Work: The aim of the programme is to help families with children to resolve problems that adversely affect their operation. Examples are the support for communication with various offices, doctors, schools etc., to assist in improving family relation, etc. Application of volunteers in the programme: adult volunteer helps the child with preparation directly in the households of families.
  • Manager acreditation – we are coordinating organisation for volunteers to another organisations(for example house for seniors, children house…)
  • Volunteers in hospitals = We organize volunteers in 5 hospitals in Region Usti.
  • Volunteer service in museum and librarie in our city Usti nad Labem; Training course  Strong parents – Strong Kids®; Council of volunteer centers Northwest region;  Panel humanitarian organizations; Křesadlo = 12 years,  Prize in Usti Region for volunteers; Cross-border cooperation with Germany and Poland. Participation in sports such as Usti half marathon, World championships in stret dance and disco dance.

EB projektmanagement GmbH

EB projektmanagement GmbH is a consulting and educational organisation with more than15 years of experience in the development and implementation of European projects. EB pm specialises in developing and implementing projects of education and regional development, as well as projects for the development of networks and cooperation. 60% of its turnover comes from educational projects, 20% from regional development projects, and another 20% from cooperation projects.

We offer several business branches: project management (from developing an idea to its final realisation), including facilitation (reference projects: learnforever, goodnews), the development of regionalised courses, the preparation of international and national studies (reference projects: Connecting Communities, Lernende Region Hermagor), the development of training curricula (reference project: EDUCATE, CEF), as well as idea and innovation management. We consider our company as a place of development and implementation which offers not only developmental work, but also its realisation and dissemination.

Furthermore, we are active in the field of advanced training, focusing on communicating skills in areas where we actually possess practical experience. These include trainings in areas such as project management, process management, European and international funding, cooperation and network management, human resource development, employer branding, gender mainstreaming and equality, and diversity management.

As a small company we only work across organisations, often in an international context.

Centrum dobrovoľníctva

Center for Volunteering (CD) was founded in 2000, in the Banska Bystrica City, Central Slovakia. Its mission is to develop volunteering, to increase the quality of life in the community and to build civil society. Centre is based at the Matej Bel University and it is actively participating in the community life and important actions. It cooperates with local municipalities, schools, NGOs as well as businesses.

Main activities of the Center are:

  • Resource center offering services for volunteering. CD is one of the 8 volunteer Centers in Slovakia. It is also a member of the Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations in Slovakia. As a service center it provides services for organizations which work with volunteers and for people who want volunteer. These services include: training, mentoring, administrative assistance, assistance with the recruitment of the volunteers for various projects and NGOs, supervision, strategic planning, research and evaluation.
  • Promotion of volunteering and volunteer organizations. Since the establishment of the volunteer center, the promotion of volunteering is one of the main and regular activities. It includes campaigns, workshops, discussion clubs and forums about volunteering. CD is the coordinator of Volunteer days in Banská Bystrica since 2009. 
  • Acknowledgement of volunteers/volunteering. CD organizes traditional events “Heart on Sleeve” every December and “Voluntary Week” every September to raise awareness about the importance and value of volunteers in Banská Bystrica region.
  • Research and publication about activities focused on volunteering, but also on youth policy and youth work. In these areas we cooperate with many experts, mainly form Matej Bel University.
  • Long term volunteer programs – CD is running several long term volunteer programs in Banska Bystrica City. These programs are focused on children, youth, people with disabilities and seniors.
  • European Voluntary Service – Center is accredited for hosting, sending and coordinating of EVS projects.

Center is able to run its programs and projects with the help of passionate and professional volunteers and project managers. By delivering above mentioned services we have contributed to creating an environment in which CD’s team is able to translate into practice the theoretical knowledge in the field of management of volunteers and volunteer programs. We are one of the important stakeholders in the community and we are valued for our proffesional approach and good project results.